NSI Gripper Thigh Hooks

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NSI Thigh Gripper Hooks are widely adjustable to fit your body and grip strength. Location on your thigh can be adapted to fit higher toward your hips or lower toward your knee by selecting which slots to use. The amount of grip can be fine-tuned by rotating the hooks to the inside or outside of your leg and twistable adjustment allows a better fit for the angle of your thighs.

The key point of contact adds safety, security and connectivity between you and your kayak. Infinite adjustability and ergonomic design enhance comfort. Cushioned with foam padding and performance comfort, with or without a wetsuit.

  • Slots are 5” long and spaced 1.25” apart
  • 8.5" to 6.5" wide by 5.25" tall

Comes with (4) M6 x 16mm length stainless steel screws, fits most kayaks!

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