Oar Towers & Oarlocks Combo

Size: 6" Tower - NRS Superston Oarlock
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The Oar Tower & Oarlocks Combo by CKS combines the NRS Frame Oar Mounts and a choice of Oarlocks to give you one-click convenience to add Oar Towers and Oarlocks to your CKS Raft Frame build. Combine this with the NRS Raft Frame Base and the Raft Seat Combo to build out a full-frame setup. This combo comes as a pair, with 2x Oar Mount, 2x Oar Lock, and the necessary mounting hardware.

Choose Your Combo

6" Oar Mounts: Recommended for boats with frame width under 60" Wide. This is most common for smaller rafts.

8" Oar Mounts: Recommended for boats with frame width over 60" Wide. This is our most popular size, and fits a variety of boats and paddlers.

10" Oar Mounts: Recommended when using a flip seat as the elevated rowing position means you may be hitting your legs with your oar shafts with shorter towers.

NRS Superston Oarlock: Tried and true, this steel oarlock is one of the most popular on any river.

NRS Atomic Oarlock: This Aluminum Oarlock is the lightest weight oarlock on the market but still maintains extreme durability.

Sawyer Cobra Oarlock: Popular among those rowing larger boats or bigger whitewater, the Cobra performs better when rowing at high and low angles, and spreads the force on your oars across a wider area due to their unique, wider shape. These are our top-of-the-line oarlocks.

Pro Tip

This product is a combination of Frame Component products and will fit with any NRS Frame or LD (Light Duty) Frame from Downriver Equipment. Each component can be purchased individually for the same price, we have bundled these items to suggest the best combinations for you.

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