Werner Sherpa 4-Piece Kayak Paddle

Color: Amber
Size: 194 cm
Feather Angle: R30
Sale price$365.00

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The Werner Sherpa 4-Piece Kayak Paddle gives you the performance of your go-to paddle, but in a stowable package for those times you mysteriously "misplaced" the first one. With the same construction and blade design as the one-piece Sherpa, the Sherpa 4 Piece gives you the same quality stroke and power that Werner is known for. The mid-size river running blades are evenly balanced and are perfect if you like running rivers and ripping up a wave or two.

Werner Sherpa 4-Piece Kayak Paddle Features

  • Mid-sized blades, ideal for river running and moderate freestyle.
  • Balanced blade design and stroke.
  • Powerful and smooth from catch to release.
  • Lightweight and responsive.
  • Surface Area: 680 sq cm
  • Blade Length x Width: 46 x 19.5cm
  • Adjustable in 30-degree Right Hand Control or 30-degree Left Hand Control increments

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