Paddleboarding is one of the most fun on water activities there is, but doing it safely does require a few extra pieces of equipment.

If you're shopping for someone new to the sport, they're going to need a PFD, a paddle, and everything else that goes with SUPing. There are a lot of options, but don't worry - CKS Online has brought our top gear picks for inflatable stand up paddleboarders this holiday season.

Our Top Six Must-Buy Items

1. Hala All-Water SUP Kit

Head straight to any water with Hala's new All-Water paddleboard kits. The boards themselevs are light-yet-tough without any compromises on quality. These SUP packages have everything you need for a fun day outside, including a travel rolling backpack, hand pump, and adjustable Leverlock paddle. 

Even better? All Hala Kits come with a 5-year warranty, which is the best in the industry. 

Straight Up Kit
Playa Kit

More Great Options: Hala Rado SUP Kit

2.  Shred Ready iON Helmet

The iON helmet from Shred Ready is a fresh take on a classic design. Featuring a wide bill over the front of the helmet, the iON still comes in at a more affordable price than other helmets with this popular design.

More Great Options: Shred Ready Zeta [read our review here]

3. Hala SUP Paddle

A new paddle can change everything. Upgrade the SUP experience of your loved one and consider gifting them a Hala SUP Paddle

The  No-Twist™ clamp locks out water and grips to prevent twisting. This lightweight carbon high-strength shaft make this the most elite performance SUP paddle on the market. 

Available with teardrop blade or a river blade (which has more surface area for bracing).

Hala Grafik Carbon HS Paddle
Teardrop Blade
Hala Grafik River Carbon HS Paddle
River Blade


More SUP Paddle Options:
Let CKS Online Help You Decide

There are many options that serve various
purposes, so we're here to break it all down for you!

4. Vew-Do Balance Board

For many paddlers in the USA, winter means frozen waterways, inclement weather, and generally unfriendly conditions for SUPing. A Vew-Do balance board is the perfect off season training tool to keep a paddleboarder busy in the offseason. By improving balance and engaging the same muscles you use to paddle, a balance board is ideal for the paddler who wants to stay in shape all year long.

Vew-Do Surf 33 Balance Board with Roller

5. Astral Airbelt PFD

The Astral AirBelt PFD is a lightweight, inflatable personal flotation device that is perfect for paddling when you don't want to be weighed down by gear. Weighing in at a mere 12 ounces, the Airbelt is worn like a belt. In an emergency, pull the yellow tab to create a floatation aid suitable to assist in an emergency. The low-profile, comfortable design makes this a must for flatwater paddlers who don't want to deal with a more bulky traditional PFD for casual paddling.

Astral Airbelt PFD

More Great Options: Astral YTV PFD [read our review here]

6. Watershed Ocoee Drybag

Simply put, the Watershed Ocoee is the best dry bag we have ever used. What makes it the best? The Ocoee contains Watershed's unique zipper system and the most durable materials on the market. Just the right size for lunch, a camera, and an extra layer, the Ocoee is ideal for paddleboarders who want to keep the essentials dry without bringing too much bulk.

For a SUP specific option, check out the Watershed GoForth. This is the same bag as the Ocoee but with a waist belt so you can wear the bag while paddling or hiking.

Watershed Ocoee 
Watershed GoForth


 More Top Gifts for Paddleboarders

Hala Gear Shark Pump Inflatable SUP Pump 
Shark 20PSI
High Pressure
SUP Pump

We love this pump because
it has two speeds and
doesn't get as hot as
other pumps can.
The digital pressure gauge
makes inflation simple and

Paddling Magazine's Best Electric SUP Pump for 2021

Gifts for SUPers Sweet Protection Shin Guards Gifts for SUPers Hala Gear Quick Release Coiled Leash
Sweet Protection
Knee Shin Pads

Falls happen. Protect those
knees because we each only
get 2, and they're too important!
Knee-shin guars are useful
during both high- and
low-water season. 

Hala Convertible
7' Quick Release
and Ankle Leash

Leash vs. no leash is a huge
debate. Leashes will keep
your board closer to paddlers
during a swim. The best thing
about this leash is that it doubles
as an ankle leash for when you'd
like to borrow your friends SUP
and head out to the lake.
Please remember: No ankle
leashes on moving water, ever.  

To Help You Shop for Paddleboarders:

Sup Gift Guide
If your favorite paddler enjoys whitewater inflatable
paddleboarding, they would love any one of the
items on this list. Fully kitted means a lot of gear
added to the wishlist, help them get stocked with
this list of Gift Ideas for Paddleboarders.
Help them Get Fully Kitted: SUP Edition


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