AIRE 146DD Self-Bailing Raft

Color: Blue
Style: Laced Floor
Sale price$6,399.00
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The AIRE 146DD Self-Bailing Raft is the latest addition to the DD Raft Series! It’s also the most versatile size in the line. The 146DD has enough storage space for extended expeditions, yet it’s small enough to run as a seven-person paddle boat and squeeze down the low water runs. If you’re looking for a go everywhere – do everything boat, look no further than the 146DD.

    Why AIRE?

    AIRE boats are designed based on a component system with urethane chambers ("AIREcells") that are separate from the rest of the boat, rather than chambers that are formed by the welded seams of the outer material of the raft. While this makes the boat a bit heavier, there are superior advantages to this system:

    1. Field repairs are much easier and more effective since you can access the air chamber by unzipping the PVC outer skin.
    2. You can patch holes in the outer skin from the inside, making a more effective watertight seal and a less noticeable patch.
    3. Leaks are extremely uncommon since wear and tear on the outside of the boat doesn't directly affect its ability to hold air.
    4. In the event that you really cause some damage to the inner air chamber, you can pull it out and replace it; you're not stuck with a patch that is responsible for holding air for the rest of the boat's life.

    Well taken care of, these boats last longer than any other PVC boat out there! They are a great investment for a private boater looking for a quality setup at non-Hypalon prices.

    Pro Tip

    AIRE Floors are laced in with rope. The "Unlaced" models do not come with the floor installed unless you request it at time of order. There is a $150 lacing fee - Please let us know at the time of checkout if you would like the floor installed!

    We want to ensure that you are getting the best gear, with the best service, at the best price!

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