AIRE Tributary 16 HD Self-Bailing Raft

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The AIRE Tributary 16 HD Self-Bailing Raft is a playful and maneuverable expedition rig. A seven-piece diminishing tube design in the bow and stern makes this boat feel light on its feet when pivoting during technical mid-rapid moves, and gives the boat a more exciting run through big wave trains. When rigged up with a large 4 bay frame, you can rest assured that the Tributary 16 HD can haul it all, from 150 quart coolers to large dryboxes, thanks to it's spacious interior bay and 22 inch side tubes that bear hundreds of pounds of added weight with ease! 

What's more? All Tributary rafts feature the same AIREcell internal air chamber system that is found on all AIRE rafts. The AIREcell is a Urethane bladder that is a separate component from the outer raft PVC "skin". While this adds a marginal amount of weight to the boat, it makes the raft substantially less prone to air leaks from deep abrasions as the outer material isn't responsible for holding air. It also makes field repairs much more effective, as patches can be applied directly to the AIREcell chamber, rather than on the outside of the raft. Also, since AIREcells can be replaced, you can keep boats built with them floating for decades; many rafts with this system from the 90's are still on the water today! With a Tributary 16 HD, you're in it for the long-haul!

  • Burly 42 oz./2000 denier PVC material takes the heavy use of a big-water multi-day boat.
  • The welded PVC outer shell seams and the internal urethane bladders are the foundation of this highly durable self-bailing raft.
  • Comes with two strap-in thwarts that can be placed anywhere in the center section.
  • With an optional third thwart, you can put together an 11-person paddling crew.
  • Put a frame on the boat and you've got lots of room for people and gear for multi-day adventures.
  • Tough urethane bladders zipped into the outer skin hold the air. They're easily repaired in the event of a puncture.
  • The laced-in floor bails water quickly for safety in big water.
  • 10 D-rings for frame and gear tiedown and four handles for an easy carry.
  • 5-year retail warranty, 1-year commercial



Series: Tributary
Length: 16' 4"
Width: 7' 2"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Tube Diameter: 22"
Diminishing Tube Diameter: 20"/20"
Number of Thwarts: 2
Bow Kick: 14"
Stern Kick: 14"
Number of Air Chambers: 7
Valve Type: Leafield - C7
Self-Bailing: Yes
Type of Material: PVC
Weight/Denier of Tube Material: 42/2000
Weight/Denier of Floor Material: 42/2000
Number of D-rings: 10
Number of Handles: 4
Center Compartment Width: 42"
Suggested NRS Frame Width: 66"
Maximum Frame Length: 90"
Repair Kit: Yes
Warranty: 5 Years Retail, 1 Year Commercial

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