Kokatat Men's Idol Dry Suit (GORE-TEX)

Color: Tangerine
Size: MD
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The Kokatat Men's Gore-Tex Idol Dry Suit is a pretty unique piece of gear because of it's "Switch-Zip" entry system. The zipper of this suit is around your waist and the top of the suit can completely detach from the lower section, making it one of the easiest drysuits out there to get in and out of. 

The unique zipper system gives you versatility that no other drysuit can, as it gives you the option to wear the top like a drytop without the pants, or pop the top off after the rapids are over to catch some rays.

What's more? The Switch-Zip also functions as a relief zipper and drop seat! The Idol has many of the same features of Kokatat's other premium drysuits, including GORE-TEX Pro membrane for waterproofing and 330 Cordura GORE-TEX fabric over high wear areas. 

  • It's a dry suit, it's a dry top, it's a pant!
  • 330 Cordura® GORE-TEX® Pro shoulders, sleeves, and legs
  • Evolution 3.21 oz. nylon 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro body
  • SwitchZip waterproof fully separating entry/relief zipper system
  • Latex gaskets with neoprene punch through collar and cuffs
  • Evolution 3.21 oz. nylon 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro socks
  • Strategic zipper placement sits between backband and seat
  • No entry zipper on torso
  • One zipper for entry and relief
  • Self-draining, zippered sleeve pocket with key lanyard
  • Dual adjustable over skirt with "hook & loop" compatible neoprene
  • Zipper flap to protect top half of zipper in dry top configuration
  • Every suit 100% fill tested; guaranteed to be dry

Pro Tip: This suit is especially popular among rafters and stand up paddleboarders because of the flexibility it offers for de-layering temporarily for long flatwater sections in-between rapids. It tends to be less popular with Kayakers because the zipper system hits right where your hips interact with your kayak seat backband. Kayakers are probably more at home in Kokatat's Icon or Meridian drysuits.  

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