10 Things You Need if You Won a River Permit

Are you one of the lucky ones who snagged a 2022 river permit? Be ready for a few weeks or months of planning, but remember that it’s all worth it.

To help get you started, here’s some our list of 10 things you'll need if you won a river permit.

1. Helmets

On some rivers (e.g. Gates of Lodore or Yampa Canyon), helmets are required for kayakers and SUPers through all named rapids, and are recommended for oarsmen and boat passengers.

For Kayakers/SUPers
 For Oarsmen/Boat Passengers
Shred Ready Zeta Helmet
Shred Ready Outfitter Pro Helmet

2. First Aid Kit

A single major first aid kit will be needed for each river trip. For most permits, a small first aid kit must be carried on each additional boat or small watercraft – make sure to double check your permit's specific regulations to see what your trip needs!

NRS Paddler Medical Kit

3. Extra Propulsion

Each oar powered watercraft must carry a spare oar. To attach this oar to your rig, we suggest purchasing a spare oar keeper.

If you have a paddle raft on your trip, you should carry at least two extra paddles.

Oar Shaft
Raft Paddle

If you are on a trip with several kayakers, you should bring a minimum of one extra paddle for every five kayakers. Make sure to double check your permit's specific regulations.

4. Air Pumps

Don't leave this one at home! Make sure to bring at least one air pump for the inflatables on your trip. You never want to be running rapids with a semi-inflated boat!

NRS Barrel Pump

5. Repair Kit

It's best practice to carry a boat patching and repair kit for each type of boat material present on the trip, and most permits will require this.

For Hypalon Inflatables For PVC Inflatables

6. Throw Bag

Swims happen! Make sure your trip is prepared for a rescue scenario. Each raft should have its own throw bag.

NRS Standard Rescue Throw Bag 75'

7. Rescue Kit

One rescue (or Z-Drag) kit should be brought. You should also have working knowledge of how to set up a Z-Drag kit

Rescue Kit Items:


8. Ground Tarp

Ground tarps, or Sand Mats, collect micro-trash and food droppings in the kitchen at camp. This is part of Leave No Trace practices. 

Sand Mat

9. Groover + Ammo Can

The loo, the bano, the porcelain throne. Whatever you call it - it's needed on a river trip. 

Eco Safe Toilet System Groover
20mm Ammo Can / Rocket Box

10. Fire Pan

A fire pan can make a big difference on an overnight or multi-day river trip by cultivating warmth, light, and all the right vibes after a great day on the river.

We love the Fireside Outdoors Pop Up Pit.

Fire Pit


Honorable Mentions:

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