Hot for 2022: Loop Straps

Is your rafter friend still tying girth hitches everywhere? Treat them to some loop straps--the cam strap they didn't know they needed and soon won't be able to boat without.

Loop me in!

An Instant Classic: The Beak Visor

Is your kayker friend even a kayaker if they don't already own one of these? These puppies come in so many colors to match just about any style--your loved one will absolutely be impressed.

Let me at 'em!

Give Them the Gift of Preparedness: Tear-Aid

Anything can happen out there! If your loved one paddles or rows inflatable crafts, make sure they've got some Tear-Aid in their repair kit for on-the-fly patch jobs.

Boring, but important. I'm convinced!


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NRS 1" Heavy Duty Cam StrapNRS 1" Heavy Duty Cam Strap
NRS NRS 1" Heavy Duty Cam Strap
Sale price$11.95
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NRS Tuff SacksNRS Tuff Sacks
NRS NRS Tuff Sacks
Sale price$22.95
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Salamander Beak VisorSalamander Beak Visor
Salamander Salamander Beak Visor
Sale price$19.50
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NRS Color Coded Cam Strap
NRS NRS 1" Color Coded Cam Strap
Sale price$5.75
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NRS Fox 40 Safety WhistleFox 40 Safety Whistle
NRS Fox 40 Safety Whistle
Sale price$7.50
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Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry SackSea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack
Sea to Summit Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack
Sale price$14.95
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303 Aerospace Protectant303 Aerospace Protectant
NRS 303 Aerospace Protectant
Sale price$3.95
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Doc's Pro Plugs - Vented, with Leashdocs-pro-plugs
Docs Pro Plugs Doc's Pro Plugs - Vented, with Leash
Sale price$16.95
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Electronic Gift CardElectronic Gift Card
CKS Electronic Gift Card
Sale price$15