Sawyer Laminated Fir Oar Blade

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The Sawyer Laminated Fir Wood Oar Blade (Lam Fir) is a lightweight yet very tough and durable whitewater blade. The laminated fir core is reinforced at the edges by solid Northern Ash and a metal spline in the tip to increase durability and impact resistance. The Lam Fir blade saves weight over other wooden blades like the Smoker WW Blade (Ash), providing a smoother and easier stroke.

Standard size - 30" length for 1 5/8" diameter oar shaft

  • Solid Laminated Douglas Fir and Northern Ash Wood Oar Blade
  • Epoxy-Metal mesh spline embedded in the tip for increased impact resistance.
  • Sealed and finished with the finest marine-grade varnish.
  • TiteSet Blade Lock - solid, fail-safe connection to your oar that won't silt up, rattle, or jam.
  • Comes standard with ProTip - super tough Dynel/Kevlar blade tip protection.
  • Blade dimensions: 6" W x 30" L
  • Average blade weight: 3 lbs
  • TiteSet mount options:
    • 1 5/8" Standard diameter (Titeset Screw measures 6" from top of blade.)
  • Compatible with Polecat and MXS oar shafts as well as most other composite shafts.


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