Werner Double Diamond Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle

Size: 197 cm
Feather Angle: R30
Sale price$525.00

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The Werner Double Diamond Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle is the ultimate paddle for playboating or for river running. It offers an awesome combination of powerful down tilted blades and light buoyant strokes needed for freestyle power and control.

  • Foam Core blades are light and buoyant in aerated water.
  • Impact-resistant Kevlar is molded into the power face along with a double layer of Dynel edging for added durability.
  • Bent Shaft naturally aligns wrists for less stress on joints.
  • Carbon, Foam Core
  • Size: 48x19.5cm
  • 700 sq cm
  • Asymmetrical
  • Carbon Bent Shaft
  • 30-degree feather
  • Right-hand control
  • 1049g (37oz) at 197cm

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