Best Gifts for Rafters

Huckleberry Finn got it right: "There warn't no home like a raft." Private boating is growing for a reason - there is no better way time with family and friends than on a boat in the middle of a river somewhere.

Masterpieces of contemporary engineering, rafting offers a dazzling array of specialized accessories and gear options. Rafts can be rigged and used for scenic float trips, family overnighters, or rowdy R2 lines.

Unsure of what to get the rubber pusher in your life? We've curated CKS Online's top gifts for rafters to help you earn your spot on future boat trips or spoil your R2 partner with some gear accessories.

Our Top Five Must-Buy Items

1. Sleeping Pad

Are you the only one in your boating crew still sleeping on a thin, uncomfortable backpacking pad? Does everyone laugh at you, or look at you with pity in their eyes when you set up camp? Time to put all of that to an end with an AIRE Landing Pad. You won't believe you aren't actually snuggled up with a herd of baby lambs on cotton candy clouds.

  AIRE Landing Pad
Aire 3" Landing Pad
Aire 4" Landing Pad

More Great Options: NRS River Bed Sleeping Pad

2. Fireside Outdoors Fire Pit

Traditional Firepans are heavy, hard to clean up, and tough to store. With the Fireside Outdoors Pop-up Pit, you get a lightweight, packable option that still meets all the requirements for your next river trip. In particular, raft enthusiasts who don't have extra space in their boat or in their garage will appreciate this fire pan.

 Fire Pit
Check out our review of the
Fireside Outdoor Fire Pit here

 3. NRS ClampIT Drink Holder

The NRS Clamp IT Drink Holder is the perfect gift to keep rafting fun. This beverage holder clamps to a raft frame to keep your bubbly drink nearby and upright even when rowing through rapids. The ClampIT solves the age long problem of where to put your open can and includes a cover to prevent splashes from getting into your drink in the rapids.

NRS ClampIT Drink Holder for Rafts

More Great Options: Down River Cup Holder

4. NRS Silkweight Apparel

The NRS Silkweight Hoodie is the only river shirt you'll ever need. It's got UPF 50+ sun protection, thumb holes, and a comfortable hood with a collar that stays out of your way. It is thicker than your typical sun hoodie so it offers a bit of warmth after your swims but will still dry out very quickly. But, it is still thin enough to be your first layer on colder days as well. Like we said, it's the only river shirt you'll ever need.

NRS Men's Silkweight Hoodie
NRS Women's Silkweight
Long-Sleeve Shirt

5. Watershed Colorado Dry Duffel Bag

When it comes to keeping your sleeping bag, layers, and most valuable gear dry, sometimes it's smart to get the best. The Watershed Colorado uses the most durable fabric on the market and features a unique zipper system that is stronger and dryer than traditional roll top dry bags.

Not only is the Colorado a gift meant to last a lifetime but we have found it to be the most versatile size bag Watershed offers, fitting enough gear to last you two days or two weeks on the water. For other sizes, check out the full range of watershed bags here.

More Great Options: Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag [read our review here]

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