Best Gifts for Rafters

Huckleberry Finn got it right: "There warn't no home like a raft." Private boating is growing for a reason - there is no better way time with family and friends than on a boat in the middle of a river somewhere.

Masterpieces of contemporary engineering, rafting offers a dazzling array of specialized accessories and gear options. Rafts can be rigged and used for scenic float trips, family overnighters, or rowdy R2 lines. Unsure of what to get the rubber pusher in your life? We've curated CKS Online's top gifts for rafters to help you earn your spot on future boat trips or spoil your R2 partner with some gear accessories.

Bags and Bags
NRS Mesh Duffel Bag Gifts for Rafters NRS Drag Bag Gifts for Rafters NRS 65L Bills Bag
Down River Equipment Duffel
NRS Mesh Drag Bag
 NRS 65L Bill's Bag Dry Bags
How to Store your Stuff
for an Overnight River Trip
Gifts for Rafters, How to Pack Your Stuff On An Overnight Trip

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If you search “river raft trip packing”
you’ll likely come across a ton of
packing lists. But what you won’t
often find is how to pack for your
overnight trip. Since we’ve been
down the river a few times, 
we're here to offer some tips
and tricks to make packing
and unpacking easier.

Gifts for Rafters: Worth the Splurge
Gifts for Rafters Down River Equipment Hand Wash Station Gifts for Rafters NRS 5" Barrel Pump Gifts for Rafters Worth The Splurge
Down River Hand
Wash Station
+ Buckets
NRS 5" Barrel Pump
Sawyer DyneLite Oar
MXS Oarshaft


Gifts for Rafters, 5 things you didn't know you needed Gifts for rafters RiverMaps
5 Things You Didn't Know
You Need On Your Raft
Why We Love RiverMaps
Guide Books
More ways to pack stuff
Gifts for Rafters NRS Thwart Bag Gifts for Rafters Down River Sweep Kit Bag Gifts for Rafters Down River Cup Holders-Double Gifts for Rafters, Double Dish Drying Bag
Down River
Thwart Bag
Down River
Sweep Kit Bag
Down River
Cup Holders-Double
Down River
Double Dish Drying Bag