great gifts for families

Who doesn't wanna spend next summer on a boat in the middle of nowhere with their loved ones?

Give the gift of Adventure and check out our 2021 collection of Great Paddlesports Gifts for Families.

Shop ambitiously this year and get your family geared up for the next adventure. 

Our Top 7 Must-Buy Items

1. Astral Otter PFD

The Astral Otter Lifejacket is the PFD kids will actually want to wear! Filled with organic, environmentally friendly floatation, the Otter is the industry leading kids PFD.

Astral Otter Lifejacket

2. 14' Raft + Raft Frame

The AIRE 146DD Raft is the ultimate weekend boat for a family. The DD series is designed with the same internal storage space as larger 15-16 foot boats, but has the external dimensions of a 14 foot boat making it easy to fit in the garage. The DD series solves the age old predicament of wanting the space of a 16 foot boat to fit kids and gear, while faced with the reality of limited space in the garage.

For the whole enchilada, consider a CKS Raft Frame.

 aire 146dd raft
AIRE 146DD Raft
CKS Raft Frame

More Options: See our Guide for Building your Raft Frame >>

3. Slice XL Paddlecat

The Slice XL Paddlecat is a great option for a team of 4 who wants a paddle raft that can do it all. Take the family down Browns Canyon in the morning, and in the afternoon Grab your R2 partner and go shred Pine Creek and the Numbers.

Slice XL Paddlecat

More Options: See our Guide for Choosing your First Raft >>

4. Canyon Cooler

Know someone who could use a cooler upgrade? Canyon Coolers has every option the avid boater could ever want, including a Canyon Cooler Outfitter 22 Quart which is perfect as a captain's cooler.

Canyon Cooler Outfitter 22 Quart

See why every boat captain
needs a captains cooler >> 

5. Large Watershed Dry Duffel Bag

The Watershed Colorado or Mississippi will be the last large drybag you'll ever need to buy! Watershed's Zipdry pinch-seal system is the most dependable watertight seal on the market, and 6 dedicated tie-down points allows these expedition-grade bags to be rigged just about anywhere.

With many Watershed bags from 20+ years ago still on the river today, you can depend on the Watershed Colorado and Watershed Mississippi bags to get your gear (or the whole family's gear!) to the beach for years to come!

Watershed Colorado Drybag
Watershed Mississippi Drybag


6. Mad River Rocket

If you want to up your sledding game, the Mad River Rocket is the sled for you. Rather than sitting or lying in the sled, you kneel on plush foam knee pads and drags your hands behind you, giving you unparalleled control. Carving turns through powder, spins, jumps, and even rail slides are all possible, and even easy in a Mad River Rocket.

Mad River Rocket Sled

More Great Options: Snurfers 

7. NRS Dog Leash & Dog Collar

Tell people you're a boater without telling people you're a boater... spread the whitewater love through your pup with the new NRS Dog Leash and NRS Dog Collar. They'll be your dog's favorite present this year, guaranteed.

NRS Dog Leash
NRS Dog Collar

Our Tips for getting your Dog into the River Lifestyle >>

8. NRS PTR Kayak Paddle

A dependable all-around paddle for all of your ducky and family kayak adventures, the NRS PTR Kayak Paddle is the go-to paddle for outfitters across the country as well. Available in a variety of lengths to suit any paddling style with a budget-friendly price tag, you can't go wrong!

NRS PTR Kayak Paddle

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