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NRS Tow Tether 33"
NRS NRS Tow Tether 33"
Sale price$47.95
Astral Web Tow Tether
Astral Astral Web Toe Tether
Sale price$90.00
Astral YTV PFD Hot CoralAstral YTV PFD Eggplant
Astral Astral YTV PFD
Sale price$140.00
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WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads
NRS WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads
Sale price$69.95
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Astral BlueJacket PFDAstral BlueJacket PFD
Astral Astral BlueJacket PFD
Sale price$260.00
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Sale price$94.95
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Astral BirdDog Canine PFDAstral BirdDog Canine PFD
Astral Astral BirdDog Canine PFD
Sale priceFrom $74.95
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NRS Chinook OS Fishing PFDNRS Chinook OS Fishing PFD
NRS NRS Chinook OS Fishing PFD
Sale price$169.95
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Save 50%
2022 Sweet Protection Elbow Pads Closeout
Sweet Protection 2022 Sweet Protection Elbow Pads Closeout
Sale price$49.95 Regular price$99.95
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Save 39%
2023 NRS Ninja PFD Closeout2023 NRS Ninja PFD Closeout
NRS 2023 NRS Ninja PFD Closeout
Sale price$89.95 Regular price$147.95
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Down and Dirty: 9 Items You Need for Your Dry Suit Repair Kit

Down and Dirty: 9 Items You Need for Your Dry Suit Repair Kit

Whitewater dry wear is the largest apparel investment any boater can make. For those who want to extend the life and use of their dry suit (or dry top), it's best to keep a dry suit repair kit on hand. Read our 9 recommendations for the best dry suit repair kit!
Whitewater Kayak Paddle Buying Guide

Whitewater Kayak Paddle Buying Guide

Choosing the right paddle for whitewater kayaking can be daunting with all the available paddle options to consider. We are here to help! ...
All Aboard the Love Boat!

All Aboard the Love Boat!

Have you ever had a tough time convincing your family that your black eye isn't that big of a deal? Or spent an hour explaining to your Tinder date the difference between "homeless" and "houseless," just so they would understand why you brought them back to a tent in the woods? 

If you answered yes to either of these things, hopefully this blog can help avoid some of those awkward conversations! 

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