AIRE Tributary 13 HD Self-Bailing Raft

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The AIRE Tributary 13 HD Self-Bailing Raft is the boat of choice for thousands of private boaters. This boat is packed with outfitter-grade features offered at a reasonable price point. Appropriate for both paddle rafting and oar-rig boating, the Tributary 13 is ready for whatever your next adventure throws at it.

13 footers are more nimble than larger boats. They are just big enough for the occasional overnight trip, and an awesome size for day trips whether you are an oar rig boater, paddle guide, or a fisherman. 13 foot boats tend to be the boat of choice for most weekend warriors or people who want a versatile boat that doesn't feel huge if you only have a few people to paddle it.  

Why Tributary? Tributary boats are a similar quality to AIRE and are designed by AIRE, they just aren't USA-built and do not have the same 10-year warranty that AIRE boats do. They are built with near-identical materials and seam welding techniques. AIRE and AIRE Tributary boats are designed based on a component system with urethane chambers ("AIREcells") that are separate from the rest of the boat, rather than chambers that are formed by the welded seams of the outer material of the raft. While this makes the boat a bit heavier, there are superior advantages to this system:

  1. Field repairs are much easier and effective, since you can access the air chamber by unzipping the PVC outer skin.
  2. You can patch holes in the outer skin from the inside, making a more effective watertight seal and a less noticeable patch. 
  3. Leaks are extremely uncommon since wear and tear on the outside of the boat doesn't directly affect its ability to hold air.
  4. In the event that you really cause some damage to the inner air chamber, you can pull it out and replace it; you're not stuck with a patch that is responsible for holding air for the rest of the boat's life.

Well taken care of, these boats last longer than any other PVC boat out there! They are a great investment for a private boater looking for a quality setup at non-Hypalon prices.

  • Color updated for 2020
  • Outer Ferrariea PVC shell
  • AIREcell system
  • Fully welded seams
  • Comes standard with 2 thwarts
  • Lace-in floor for fast bailing and easy maintenance.
  • Double zipper for AIREcell access
  • Leafield C7 valves
  • 10 D-Rings
  • 4 handles
  • Length: 13'3"
  • Width: 6'8"
  • Tube Diameter: 19"
  • Bow/Stern Rise: 13.5"
  • Waterline: 97"
  • Thwarts: 3 (2 Included) 
  • Load Capacity: 1320 lbs
  • Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Air Chambers: 8
  • 2000 Denier PVC outer skin @ 43 oz / square yard
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes repair kit

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